Winter Witch Boot

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So many little details along with sparkly snow.   This is the second boot of my "Witch for all Seasons" series.   

 All decked out for Winter from the top of the chimney to the tip of the toe.  Smoke bellows out of the stone chimney as icicles made with quartz crystals form around the ridge of the roof.  As warm light glows through the hand painted stained glass windows you can just imagine a little Winter Witch sipping her herbal tea in an overstuffed chair while a pot of nourishing stew cooks on the fire.  Her herb garden at the toe of her house may be covered in snow, but come Spring she will spread her magic once again.   I think there will be a Spring boot in the near future as I continue to build my "Witch for all Seasons" series.   ⠀

The boot is completely designed and created by me.  I used both Creative Paperclay® and DelightTM air dry clay.  A battery operated light set is easy to access through the bottom of the boot.  ⠀The boot is roughly the size of a womans size 7 boot.  


Payment Plan Options for single pieces over $100.00

50%  non-refundable deposit holds art piece for 30 days. On the 30th day the balance is due which will include shipping costs.   On day 31 the art piece will be listed for sale once again. 

Delicate!  For display only.  Keep away from children.

This is an original sculpture    /   design done by artist Susie Krichbaum.  Purchasing this sculpture  / design does not grant you permission to make reproductions in any way.  All rights remain with artist.