Wick Wanz

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Assorted designs to collect.  


Protect your magick.  No more sending your intentions up in smoke, instead seal them in the wax using these fabulous copper Wick Wanz.  Use the Wick Wanz to dip the wick into the wax and reset the wick for the next burn.  No more buried wicks and stinky black soot. 


Designed to be functional, but created to be a beautiful accessory to your candle collection.  Made with solid copper wire, miscellaneous beads and stones, and a wee faerie bell to add a little more magick.  

**Please note: all Wick Wanz are unique in the beads and stones used so they will be chosen intuitively for you. 

Solid copper with semi precious stones and miscellaneous bead findings. Small faerie bell jingles on the handle.  8" long