Trouble in the Playground

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Trouble in the Playground ****When Halloween clashes with Christmas let the pumpkin gut and snowball flinging begin!  

This idea came to me when I went to a home improvement store during the second week of October and saw nothing but Christmas, not a skeleton or pumpkin to be seen.  Understanding that 2020 has been rough on retailers and they have to do what they need to sell merch, the image of Halloween duking it out with its Winter Holiday rival came to mind.  

A lot of movement in this piece as the Pumpkin Man grabs pumpkin guts from the Jack 0 Lantern and winds up to fling them at the snowman while simultaneously shielding himself with a pumpkin shell. The Snowman is well prepared with an arsenal of snowballs that he expertly pitches.   Both characters are wearing the evidence of direct hits.  

7" tall by 12" across at the base

Payment Plan Options for single pieces over $100.00

50%  non-refundable deposit holds art piece for 30 days. On the 30th day the balance is due which will include shipping costs.   On day 31 the art piece will be listed for sale once again. 

Delicate!  For display only.  Keep away from children.

This is an original sculpture    /   design done by artist Susie Krichbaum.  Purchasing this sculpture  / design does not grant you permission to make reproductions in any way.  All rights remain with artist.