SOLD OUT Morel Mushroom Home

"Morel Mushroom Home"
  10" X 4" 

Loving this black and white motif, yet had to add a colorful door as every witch  does.  

Part of my Spring/Summer collection I just imagined the little faerie folk and witches picking flowers and veggies from their gardens.  Cooling off in the shade of the trees and the smells of the cooking fires filling the woods.  A place where all kinds of creatures live together in perfect harmony.    I hope you see the magick that I feel when I create these little homes.

Designed and hand sculpted by me with CREATIVE PAPERCLAY®  and painted with #folkartpaints 
LED lights the interior.  250 hours with replaceable batteries. 

FB and IG: @artbysusiek @WillowHollowWoods  @artbysusiek4home
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