Marina the Merrow

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Meet "Marina the Merrow". I created Marina out of my love of Irish folklore. A 'merrow' is the Irish version of the 'mermaid' depending on where your pull your story, she proves to be just as fatal and luring to the unsuspecting sailor. The female merrow is beautiful and always gets her man, where as the male is quite hideous and lonely. There are so many bewitching stories of the merrows, both male and female, that I couldn't help letting myself be pulled in.

 Marina was a time consuming piece, but I'm happy to say I loved each moment. I ended up using four different clays for this piece to ensure strength and durability.  I created this piece by sculpting over a thrifted figurine simply because I loved the glass ball.  

I invite you to see the process in the video below.  

 If you have questions you can always contact me via email ArtbySusiek@gmail

8" X 8"

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