Koi Skellie

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"Belly-up"  This Koi little skelie fish finds himself in a pumpkin shell and decides he likes it very well.  ⠀

I created this piece as an extension of my Jack 1 and Jack 2 vignette a piece that already sold.   Sculpted in Creative Paperclay® and floating in a bowl full of resin, this is a fun and unique addition to your skeleton collection.

Created on a 6" wood base and is about 10" tall.


Delicate!  Not intended as a child’s toy.

This is an original sculpture    /   design done by artist Susie Krichbaum.  Purchasing this sculpture  / design does not grant you permission to make reproductions in any way.  All rights remain with the artist.  

Payment Plan Options for single pieces over $100.00

%50 non-refundable deposit holds art piece for 30 days. On the 30th day the balance is due which will include shipping costs.   On day 31 the art piece will be listed for sale once again.