Beware of Cats

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"Beware of  Cats"
12" X 8"

In my mind there are tiny creatures who live in cozy little homes in the forest. At night you may see the glow from the cooking fire and candles illuminate the windows and the faithful familiars gracefully standing watch.  Be ever so careful where you step and what you forage.  ⠀

Every time I create  a new little house I think about the occupant, the season, the colors and the style the little earthy creature would want.  This home was created with a dormer window that was perfect for a cat to sit up high and stay safely tucked away.   It's Sprint time in the forest, so the little flowers are opening and the greens of the moss are vibrant.  The kitchen fire is going and a light gray smoke billows from the stone chimney.  Another cat is happy to sit in the window sill all day.  ⠀

Designed and created by me using  @CreativePaperClay, @folkartpaint , time and love.  ⠀
12" X 8" with LED battery operated lights.  I have made it so the light switch/ battery pack is not visible but easy to access.    250 hours of battery life/ batteries are replaceable.  ⠀

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