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Susie Krichbaum


Susie is a self-taught artist whose family has art running through their veins that branch off into their own creative outlets.  She fondly recalls getting her first “real” art supplies as a young child and having the refrigerator serve as the art gallery. Art supplies continue to be the best gifts to receive and the way to explore different mediums. 

Susie is fortunate to have studio spaces that allow her to follow her passion to create and design using different mediums, from painting canvas floor cloths in the garage studio, to sculpting an art doll inside her home studio.  Susie’s preferred art medium is paperclay.  She designs and creates for hours every day dropping into that meditative state that allows her peculiar characters to come to life.   She finds inspiration from Fairy Tales, Folklore, and nature as well as a fondness for anything Halloween. Susie starts with a basic idea and then allows the character to develop with a story that writes itself as part of the creative process. 

She participates in holiday art shows in Florida and Georgia and has been published in several editions of Art Doll Magazine, Autumn Brilliance Digital Magazine and is an active design team member for Creative Paperclay® where she creates tutorials for clients as well as tests new products.  She would like to open her studio space to small group classes sometime in the future.










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