Recharged to 99%

Without a doubt, working from home requires discipline and forcing yourself to take a break.  After a while you don't even realize that you are working almost around the clock, if not hands on, the ideas are rolling through your mind.  This is where I'm at; so when my husband suggested taking off for a few days to the beach I said yes, but my mind was whirling with what I wasn't going to get done due to the days missed.  I knew it was a good idea to break away and recharge.  Now that we are home I am ready to move forward preparing for Fall shows, local market shows and online sales.  This is when it all happens, busy from here on out.

It's good to recognize when you need a break so you can take care of yourself and come back ready to flow.  


Below are a couple of pictures from the Red Coconut RV resort that we like to stay at.  It's right on Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  

Thanks for popping in today,

Susie K



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